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Producing nutrient dense, slow simmered bone broths

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No Concentrates | No Additives | No Short-cuts

Our goal is as old and simple as it is new and difficult, – bringing natural back into the foods we eat!

For us, this means emphasizing responsible production, informed consumption, highlighting health and wellbeing
and a genuine desire to the usage of preservatives and artificial ingredients used in our foods today.

Bone Broth has a place of honor in most culinary traditions, one that was almost lost in the 20th century with the introduction of MSG laden bouillon cubes & minute made soups.

Needless to say, we raise our cup back up to all things good ‘n wholesome!

At Freed Broths we produce high quality, additive free, nutrient dense bone broths, all of which are characterized by our emphasis on quality produce, traditional production methods and flavors you can feel!

Yes, bone broth has been part of the Paleolithic diet since man lit the first fire. During the middle ages, Europeans drank a restorative bone broth handsomely called the “restaurer”.
Napoleon sustained his troops with it and in 1860 Florence Nightingale noted:
“Beef tea may be chosen as an illustration of great nutrient power in sickness, there is a certain reparative quality in it—we do not know what—as there is in tea; but it may be safely given in almost any inflammatory disease…where much nourishment is required.”

Essential nutrients and collagen are ‘freed’ and made bioavailable through our 24 hour slow cooking process, producing real food in its purest liquid form, – the backbone (literally) for any kitchen!

No concentrates | No preservatives | No short-cuts



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Producing nutrient dense, slow simmered bone broth.
Real food in it’s purest liquid form.
No Preservatives | No Additives | No Short-cuts


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